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September 29, 2005

Cute Hat

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Well, not much to post. It's just Anne Marie and me during the days now. Grandmomma has returned home and Andy's at work - we're doing well and just getting used to one another. Amazing how different being pregnant is compared to motherhood even though there are similarities. Nothing really prepares you - well maybe being the oldest of four helps a little... :)

OK - really this post is just an excuse to show off these adorable pictures in the floppy ear hat. She's our little boxer - I know she can't wait to get those mitts off and finally get those little fingers in her mouth. Too cute! :) There are a couple more pics in the Month 1 set if you click on the picture to the right. Enjoy and keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we get settled into our new life.

Love and thanks!
Brooke and Anne Marie

September 27, 2005

One Week Old!

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Miss Anne Marie Adams is now one week old. We've had a great week. She's doing well, as am I. Lots of sleeping and eating for her. Resting and recovering for me, thanks in very large part to the great care of Grandma "Janie" Dudney around here! Thanks so much for everyone's well wishes, thoughts, and prayers. We feel so blessed.

Yesterday we went to the doctor and she's already up to 8lbs 8 oz (she's a good eater like her mom). She cheered on the Vols yesterday and I think she just might have made the difference in the second half.

In some ways it's hard to imagine that it's been a week and in other ways it makes complete sense. She's been an absolute wonderful baby for us so far but we're trying not to have any expectations - just let her develop into her own little person. It's going to be a great ride, I can already tell.


Click on the picture to the right and you can see some other pictures from this morning and yesterday's trip to the doctor. I'm not as good as Andy is about slideshow links... :)

September 25, 2005

First Weekend with the Dudneys

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The Dudneys came to town to view and approve the Anne Marie. It was a great weekend. Check out the slideshow.

For Anne Marie it was business as usual, with the exception of Mommy giving her her first bath.

Brooke and I are feeling pretty good and are having a great time getting to know Anne Marie.

September 22, 2005

Day 3: Going Home

AnneMarie 091
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We're home. Things are going well. I never realized how natural it would feel to have my life centered around feeding, sleeping and dirtying diapers.

I should also say that Brooke and I are really enjoying all the comments we're getting. Thanks for being interested in all these happenings.

Finally, we still haven't contacted everyone we'd like to. Please send a link to this site out to any of our friends/family that might enjoy.

Going Home Slideshow

September 21, 2005

Day 1 Recap

I was totally out of steam last night, but now I think I'm ready to write a quick recap of the big event.

Before I begin, keep in mind that my amazing wife chose to have a drug-free delivery for the possible benefits to the baby, and herself. We took classes (Bradley Method) to prepare (thanks Erin!) for the challenge.

12:00am - Brooke awakes to stronger contractions.
12:15 - I hear her coming downstairs (where I am working). Oddly, I didn't realize right away why she would be up at such an hour.
12:30 - We're not sure if this is the real thing... we time a few contractions... I fall asleep, Brooke stays awake a little longer, timing contractions. 5 minutes apart, steady.
3:00 - I awake to Brooke telling me that she thinks it's time to go. We gather a few things that weren't in already packed.
3:12 - Write blog entry.
3:30 - Leave the house for the hospital.
4:05 - After the first exam by the nurse, we are admitted to the hospital. Brooke is 5-6cm dilated.
4:05 - 8:00 - Brooke's contractions are monitored, we go for a short walk, we return to our temporary room and she spends the remaining time in that room in the recliner in a very relaxed, sleepy looking state. During this time her contractions go from 5 to 3 minutes apart. All the while I am lobbying the nurse to get us into our labor & delivery room as soon as she can, trying to sleep a little, and trying to make sure Brooke is getting plenty of fluids.
8:05 - 8:45 - We arrive at our labor & delivery room. Brooke's contractions are strong and regular when we arrive, but as time passes, they become more irregular. Still she looks like she's asleep, not making any sound, the only real sign of the contractions is the increased tempo of her breathing. When she is examined she is at 8-9cm.
8:45 - 9:09 - An abrupt change occurs in Brooke's behavior. She says she's feeling the urge to push. She waits through one contraction without pushing. On the next one the nurse gives here the go ahead and she pushes three times over the course of the contraction. As each successive contraction wave comes along, she pushes three times. She's clearly distressed, but still handling it in a cool-headed way. The only thing I can do for her at this point is help cheer her on, wipe her head and neck with a wet cloth, and hold her legs as she pushes. Each push gets a little more done and when we can see the baby's head a little, the nurse says to Dr. Long (who had been showing no outward signs of preparation), "Get dressed". At that point, Dr. Long and the nurse both began working with Brooke, the nurse did most of the push-push-cheerleading (along with me), while Dr. Long directed her and the other nurse regarding the technical aspects of the birth. A few biiig pushes later, we had a baby. I cut the cord, and the baby had its orifices cleared while Dr. Long finished up with Brooke. The whole process went better than I could have imagined.

Brooke and I were overwhelmed with joy. My heart felt so full. We had the baby and everyone was healthy. The nine month wait was over and one of our dreams had come to fruition.

Dr. Long and the nursing staff of Northside hospital were great. The training Erin Morrey gave us was great. Brooke was absolutely incredible. She went through the entire process with only a local anesthetic being applied just before the baby was delivered. I have heard a hundred stories about baby birthing since we announced Brooke's pregnancy, and none of them made it sound as smooth as this one turned out.

That's how it happened. It was an intensely beautiful beginning for our little Anne Marie.

September 20, 2005

Anne Marie Adams!

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Brooke delivered a beautiful baby girl Tuesday morning at 9:09am. The baby weighed 8lbs 7oz. and was 21.5" long.

I'll update this post when I've had more sleep...

Heading to the hospital

3:12 AM... contractions regular, and "curling brooke's hair" as Dr. Crawford would say it. We're going to the hospital.

Everything is good. We'll soon see if this is the real deal.

September 19, 2005

The Due Date

Well - it's here... the date that has defined our past nine months. September nineteenth. No baby yet of course, but since when have babies been at all affected by some arbitrary date, or full moons for that matter...

We are still walking (twice a day at this point) and feeling good overall. Our weekend was productive and relaxing - a great combination. The contractions are still growing in strength no matter how slowly. I'm just going to try to enjoy the peace and quiet rooms around here until this wonderful bundle of joy decides to come meet us!

We have a post-date ultrasound on Wednesday - if we haven't gone to the hospital yet. We'll know more about a possible induction then - but it probably wouldn't happen for another week and a half or so. We'll keep everyone posted. Just as a reminder, one of the best way to be informed quickly about any Baby Adams news is to subscribe to the email notification list using the text box to the right. When there's any news worthy of sending to your inbox, you'll be notified. Alternatively, just keep checking back here! Thanks for the continued thoughts and prayers.


September 17, 2005

I go a walkin'

And I walk, and I walk, and I walk... my poor little feet. Things are still good though and the contractions are slightly (but only slightly) stronger. I know we won't be pregnant forever - and there's a UT game and full moon this weekend... I'm feeling lucky! :) Thanks again for all the thoughts and prayers - can't wait for you all to meet this little Adams!


September 14, 2005

Still Pregnant...

Well... we're still pregnant. We went to the doctor yesterday and things are still looking good. Monday is our due date but it's normal for first time pregnancies to go late... so I just have to keep that in mind! :) Definitely looking forward to meeting this little person - we're so excited. I'm still having lots of braxton hicks contractions and I'm walking everyday - so things are at least "in motion" - it won't be long now! Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.

September 08, 2005


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When we go into labor, and when the baby is born or anything else happens that is worth telling everyone, I'll post it on the blog and you'll receive notification.

Please note: The email notifications you receive may be a bit ugly. Let it ride. Just go to brookeandandy.com and get the news.

September 07, 2005

Labor? Not yet. Nursery? Oh my heavens, yes.

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We're not in labor... That's a phrase I'm getting used to opening most of my conversations with.

Anyway, I want to welcome anyone who views this site. This is a simple blog that Brooke and I hope will help everyone stay up to date on Brooke's state (she's sleeping right now) and flush with pictures once the new Adams baby presents his/her self.

Thanks to Mom, Dad, and Janyce for all the hard work in getting the nursery ready.

very short slideshow