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Still Pregnant...

Well... we're still pregnant. We went to the doctor yesterday and things are still looking good. Monday is our due date but it's normal for first time pregnancies to go late... so I just have to keep that in mind! :) Definitely looking forward to meeting this little person - we're so excited. I'm still having lots of braxton hicks contractions and I'm walking everyday - so things are at least "in motion" - it won't be long now! Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.


Checking everday for the arrival

Take care

Love Alpha

Thanks for the update! I check everyday. Brooke you're doing so well. Keep walking. Much love, Momma Adams

Congratulations! Anne Marie and Brooke look wonderful and we are very happy for the entire family. The pictures of Granny Dudney are great - the best looking grandmother I have ever seen. You also show great discretion and taste in not posting any pictures of Grandpa Dudney.

We look forward to meeting the newest member of Dudney/Adams clan soon.

Joe Hawkins

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