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Cute Hat

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Well, not much to post. It's just Anne Marie and me during the days now. Grandmomma has returned home and Andy's at work - we're doing well and just getting used to one another. Amazing how different being pregnant is compared to motherhood even though there are similarities. Nothing really prepares you - well maybe being the oldest of four helps a little... :)

OK - really this post is just an excuse to show off these adorable pictures in the floppy ear hat. She's our little boxer - I know she can't wait to get those mitts off and finally get those little fingers in her mouth. Too cute! :) There are a couple more pics in the Month 1 set if you click on the picture to the right. Enjoy and keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we get settled into our new life.

Love and thanks!
Brooke and Anne Marie


She is just so precious. I totally think she looks like Andy in the close up picture in the hat. She has that very inquisitive look that Andy gets alot!!

I am so glad that you guys are enjoying your time together. Love to all and cannot wait until I can get down there again!

Hugs and kisses to all the Adams's

Love Aunt Laura

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