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October 23, 2005

Another Weekend Come and Gone

My first visit to Church.
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We had a great visit with our grandmothers - Gram Ralston and Grandmother Peet. Anne Marie was held and rocked so much - too bad tomorrow she'll be back to just me! We have pictures from this weekend here: PHOTOS. However we managed to go the entire weekend without getting a shot of Gram holding Anne Marie - even as she coaxed the beginnings of adorable little grins from her. Sorry about that, Gram!

Thanks to Gram and Peet, Andy and I went out for our first date since Anne Marie's birth. A very nice dinner at the Thai place down the street - we managed not to be worried at all even if we kept close to home and were home in about 2 hours... pretty good for first time parents if you ask me! We had a lovely time. Thanks Gram, Peet and Papa Jack!!

This morning we said our goodbyes to Gram and Peet and got ready for church. She did beautifully - falling asleep during the opening music and then sleeping soundly through the rest of the service and our lunch out with friends.

It was a fantastic weekend.


October 22, 2005

One Month (and two days)

Teddy and Me
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I wanted to post this on Oct 20 but I was busy with her photo shoot - she's just too cute. We've had a good past few days, although she's been going through a growth spurt and eating like crazy. She had her first bottle and being the true little eater that she is, took to it perfectly! That's very good news - now Andy can feed her and we'll have the opportunity for a date night!

Last night we got a pretty good night's sleep - about five hours straight! This is a special weekend - Gram Ralston and Grandmother Peet are here for a visit! She will also be cheering on the Vols in her new football outfit. Pictures from this weekend will be posted later but here is the One Month Photo Shoot. Enjoy!


October 18, 2005

Four Weeks Old!!

Cutie Pie!
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I'm four weeks old today!! I'm cute as a button and getting to be so big. I hold my head up more and I'm trying to smile at Mommy and Daddy. I focus on more things, following Mommy and Daddy's face. I love playing on my activity mat and hanging out with Mom all day. Love to everyone - can't wait to meet you or see you again.

See more pictures of me here: Four Weeks Old!

Anne Marie

October 15, 2005

Our Little Angel

Sleeping Angel
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Our precious little girl is quite the trooper. We're surviving our first family cold. Andy came down with it first and this past Wednesday poor little Anne Marie got the sniffles. Nothing serious - not even a fever - but it's just broken my heart to see her with a stuffy nose even though she's been just as good suffering through it. Now I have it too - we'll just take it easy this weekend and all recover.

The cold didn't stop her from posing for some great pictures. You can see them here: Week Three Pictures


October 11, 2005

Three Weeks Old!

Cute Feet
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Little Anne Marie has made it to three weeks with flying colors. She's still doing wonderfully, as are Andy and I. She even made her first road trip. I know - Andy and I must be crazy, but we couldn't resist surprising everyone and taking her to Kingsport this weekend. Family from both sides were in town from all corners of the country (as well as from Mexico!) and she's now met all of her great-grandparents, something that meant so much to Andy and I. Sorry to the many people we didn't get to see while we were in town but time was limited as was energy on her part as well as mine. We decided to limit it to family - which kept us quite busy enough I assure you!!

She started her weekend off with a horrendous drive to Kingsport - not because of her, but because of the awful rain. It took us 6.5 hours (pre-baby time usually 4.5 hours) and most of the extra time was weather/traffic related. She then met cousins Adam and Sally and Sally's beau, Grant.

The next morning was spent leisurely after we saw Grandmomma and Papa Bill (true grandparent names are still in limbo) off as they went to Knoxville for the UT game. Early afternoon we traveled to Bristol to visit with the Hill Family during the annual golf tournament. The Adams crew then headed back to Kingsport to hang out and watch the game (boo). Sarah Jane entertained and charmed as Anne Marie enchanted us throughout the evening.

Sunday morning was Anne Marie's introduction to the Ralston crew - Jeannie, Robb, Gus and Jeb; Jim, Susan, and Jacob; Judi, Anna and Fiona all were in Kingsport for a long weekend. We enjoyed a delicious breakfast and a great visit. We then had a short visit with Grandmother Peet before starting our rounds of goodbyes as we got back on the road. The trip back was much better since we had no rain until we got into the misty rain near Atlanta and Anne Marie was quite the trooper.

We are now very much looking forward to some time here at home. Hopefully we'll see much more friends and family around the Thanksgiving holidays.

I know I've been remiss in not posting pictures or blogs for several days - so to make up for it, please check out these picture sets and enjoy.

Kingsport Trip

Three Weeks Old!


October 04, 2005

I go a walkin' - Part II

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So we go walking - but this time with the precious cargo on the outside! We tried out the baby carrier today and after the first daunting assembly - a little learning curve to figure this thing out... and I'm an engineer for goodness sakes! - I must say it's pretty great. I think that I'll try to go for my walks this way for a while. She fell fast asleep and it was nice to have her so close.

She's two weeks old today and of course as cute as ever. See another cute hat picture at this link (Picture) if you don't believe me!


October 03, 2005


Well, now that Anne Marie is here, it's time to announce the closest predictions.

Background: The Adams family started the tradition of picking gender, birthday, weight and length the summer before Miss Sarah Jane was born. We continued this summer when I was pregnant with Miss Anne Marie. These predictions are traditionally taken over a dinner at the beach - so at the Dudney beach gathering, we took my family's predictions too. Andy's coworkers also threw their hats in the ring.

Note - at least to my knowledge, there is no money involved in these predictions... if there is, Anne Marie would like her cut!

Miss Anne Marie - Grand Prize Winner, perfect in all categories! - Girl, Sept 20, 8lb 7oz, 21.5"

OK - so no predictor hit it right on in all four categories, but we did have some that came pretty close... Those below were within striking distance on at least three categories.

Grandma Hill - 2 days, 2 oz, and 1/2 inch off - Girl, Sept 22, 8lb 5oz, 21"
Grandmother (Mimi) Dudney - Gender, 1 oz, and 1/2 inch off - Boy ,Sept 20, 8lb 6oz, 21"
Suzy Rozier - 1 lb 1 oz, 1/2 inch off - Girl, Sept 20, 7lb 6oz, 21"
Jeremy Crossen - 4 oz, 2.5 inches off - Girl, Sept 20, 8lb 3oz, 19"
Katie Hensley - 2 days, 5 oz, and 1/2 inch off - Girl, Sept 22, 8lb 2oz, 21"

As for Mom and Dad's predictions made with my family on May 29th -
Brooke - Gender, 9 days, 1/2 inch off - Boy, Sept 29, 8lb 7 oz, 21"
Andy - Gender, 8 days, 9 oz, 1/2 inch off - Boy, Sept 28th (his birthday), 9lb, 22"
I was the only predictor who got the weight right and I thought that was interesting since my doctor told me that he felt that Moms were always the best predictor of birth weight (better than ultrasounds). :)

Now for the thing that I'm sure most of you are far more interested in...
I loaded some new pictures from this weekend up to flickr. Please enjoy them by clicking on the link below:
Second Weekend Photo Set