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This blog will be used to alert friends/family regarding major and minor events. To speed up the delivery of news of major events (a.k.a. the onset of labor and birth announcement) readers can subscribe to receive emails notifying them of those events. Minor blog posts won't generate email notifications, so I won't be filling up you inbox.

How to subscribe for email notifications:
1. Subscribe by entering your email address in the entry box on the right-hand side of this web page. You will receive an email soon after submitting.
2. Click on the link in the email (to verifiy your email exists).

When we go into labor, and when the baby is born or anything else happens that is worth telling everyone, I'll post it on the blog and you'll receive notification.

Please note: The email notifications you receive may be a bit ugly. Let it ride. Just go to brookeandandy.com and get the news.