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One Week Old!

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Miss Anne Marie Adams is now one week old. We've had a great week. She's doing well, as am I. Lots of sleeping and eating for her. Resting and recovering for me, thanks in very large part to the great care of Grandma "Janie" Dudney around here! Thanks so much for everyone's well wishes, thoughts, and prayers. We feel so blessed.

Yesterday we went to the doctor and she's already up to 8lbs 8 oz (she's a good eater like her mom). She cheered on the Vols yesterday and I think she just might have made the difference in the second half.

In some ways it's hard to imagine that it's been a week and in other ways it makes complete sense. She's been an absolute wonderful baby for us so far but we're trying not to have any expectations - just let her develop into her own little person. It's going to be a great ride, I can already tell.


Click on the picture to the right and you can see some other pictures from this morning and yesterday's trip to the doctor. I'm not as good as Andy is about slideshow links... :)


We just heard and saw all of your wonderful news! Anne Marie is a beautiful baby and has been given such a beautiful name! Congrats to you both, you will be the best parents in the world! Look forward to seeing her soon!

Wonderful photos...what a cutie....we can't wait to see her! Please make a road trip soon! Now that's a lot to ask, isn't it? We love you guys and are sooo very happy for you.
Hey, Happy Birthday Bimmie,
mucho love,
Rachel and Holly

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