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Day 3: Going Home

AnneMarie 091
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We're home. Things are going well. I never realized how natural it would feel to have my life centered around feeding, sleeping and dirtying diapers.

I should also say that Brooke and I are really enjoying all the comments we're getting. Thanks for being interested in all these happenings.

Finally, we still haven't contacted everyone we'd like to. Please send a link to this site out to any of our friends/family that might enjoy.

Going Home Slideshow


Brooke and Andy-

We are so happy for you guys! Anne Marie is beautiful... what a blessing she is already! We are enjoying the blog- thanks for keeping us updated. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Rob and Sara

Congratulations!!!! Ann's a real cutie. I'm glad to hear that everyone's happy and healthy.

Good job w/ the blog, too. Keep it up. We've kept one running for Brittney, and the family/friends really enjoy it. Plus, I think it'll be fun for her to read the blog when she's older.

Y'all try to get some sleep, and enjoy every fleeting moment.


Brooke, Andy, and Anne Marie:
Laura gave me the link to this site and I've enjoyed reading the updates. You have a gorgeous little girl (I was taken aback how much she looked like a Dudney)! I'm so excited for you all and happy that everything went so smoothly. I would love to visit with you and see the lovely little girl when you come into town next.

Wishing you all the best,

Wow and double Wow!!! It is so exciting to see you two as parents - made me want to cry as we go back so far!!! Congratulations, and I hope to get to see and hold her soon.

This website is great!!!

Love to you all, Sandy

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