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The Due Date

Well - it's here... the date that has defined our past nine months. September nineteenth. No baby yet of course, but since when have babies been at all affected by some arbitrary date, or full moons for that matter...

We are still walking (twice a day at this point) and feeling good overall. Our weekend was productive and relaxing - a great combination. The contractions are still growing in strength no matter how slowly. I'm just going to try to enjoy the peace and quiet rooms around here until this wonderful bundle of joy decides to come meet us!

We have a post-date ultrasound on Wednesday - if we haven't gone to the hospital yet. We'll know more about a possible induction then - but it probably wouldn't happen for another week and a half or so. We'll keep everyone posted. Just as a reminder, one of the best way to be informed quickly about any Baby Adams news is to subscribe to the email notification list using the text box to the right. When there's any news worthy of sending to your inbox, you'll be notified. Alternatively, just keep checking back here! Thanks for the continued thoughts and prayers.


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