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Well, now that Anne Marie is here, it's time to announce the closest predictions.

Background: The Adams family started the tradition of picking gender, birthday, weight and length the summer before Miss Sarah Jane was born. We continued this summer when I was pregnant with Miss Anne Marie. These predictions are traditionally taken over a dinner at the beach - so at the Dudney beach gathering, we took my family's predictions too. Andy's coworkers also threw their hats in the ring.

Note - at least to my knowledge, there is no money involved in these predictions... if there is, Anne Marie would like her cut!

Miss Anne Marie - Grand Prize Winner, perfect in all categories! - Girl, Sept 20, 8lb 7oz, 21.5"

OK - so no predictor hit it right on in all four categories, but we did have some that came pretty close... Those below were within striking distance on at least three categories.

Grandma Hill - 2 days, 2 oz, and 1/2 inch off - Girl, Sept 22, 8lb 5oz, 21"
Grandmother (Mimi) Dudney - Gender, 1 oz, and 1/2 inch off - Boy ,Sept 20, 8lb 6oz, 21"
Suzy Rozier - 1 lb 1 oz, 1/2 inch off - Girl, Sept 20, 7lb 6oz, 21"
Jeremy Crossen - 4 oz, 2.5 inches off - Girl, Sept 20, 8lb 3oz, 19"
Katie Hensley - 2 days, 5 oz, and 1/2 inch off - Girl, Sept 22, 8lb 2oz, 21"

As for Mom and Dad's predictions made with my family on May 29th -
Brooke - Gender, 9 days, 1/2 inch off - Boy, Sept 29, 8lb 7 oz, 21"
Andy - Gender, 8 days, 9 oz, 1/2 inch off - Boy, Sept 28th (his birthday), 9lb, 22"
I was the only predictor who got the weight right and I thought that was interesting since my doctor told me that he felt that Moms were always the best predictor of birth weight (better than ultrasounds). :)

Now for the thing that I'm sure most of you are far more interested in...
I loaded some new pictures from this weekend up to flickr. Please enjoy them by clicking on the link below:
Second Weekend Photo Set


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