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November 18, 2005

Our Big Little Girl

Two Months 29
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Our girl is growing up! We're coming up on two months. Since we'll be in Kingsport with family on the 20th, her photo shoot came two days early. Here are the pictures: Click Here.

Also, since things have been so crazy, I've been late on getting some other photos up. Here are an assortment of "eight weeks" photos: Click Here.

This week was kind of crazy. Andy had the stomach flu that has been going around and Anne Marie and I were determined to avoid it... thankfully it seems that we have. Anne Marie had her two month checkup on Monday - she was 12 lbs 9 oz!!! She's really growing as you can see in her pictures! She had four shots - and she really didn't like it... it broke my heart to see her so upset... I guess that's a right of passage for new moms. She did well with them but was a little fussy for a couple days. Unfortunately those were the same couple of days that Andy was out of commission. Happy to say that we've all returned to our normal routine and are feeling much better all around. Anne Marie even went eight hours (feeding to feeding) last night. That's definitely the longest stretch yet. I could get used to that!

Well - we've got to get things finished up for our trip to Kingsport tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing many of you there over our stay. Anne Marie and I will be there all the way to Thanksgiving. Andy will be there this weekend and then back again on Wednesday for the holiday.

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November 09, 2005

Seven Weeks Old and Growing!

Tummy Time
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Here's the big girl... it amazes Andy and I how much she's grown and how many new things she does. We've been good. We're working on longer stints of sleep at night... I'm optimistic! Hope all are well we'll see many of you soon as we visit Kingsport over the Thanksgiving holidays.

Seven Weeks Old Photos


November 05, 2005

More Pictures

Bright Eye Smile
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Trying to make up for my lack of posting... here are a few more pictures from yesterday.

More Pictures


November 03, 2005

Five and Six Weeks, Smiles, Tailgating, Halloween and More...

Little Pumpkin and Daddy!
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OK - So it's been far too long since I've updated the blog and pics and I apologize to those who have checked recently and had nothing to see. We have had a great couple weeks. Anne Marie is now six weeks old!! Kind of hard to believe! She's been a a great little girl for us. She's also had a bunch of firsts recently! Her first VOLS tailgating, her first smiles, and her first Halloween. See the pictures here (PHOTOS).

She was a big traveller again this past weekend. We went to Knoxville to tailgate on Saturday morning. The day was beautiful and we had a wonderful time hanging out with Grandmomma, Papa Bill, Aunts Anne, Laura and Rachel, Uncle John and the extended VOL family. Laura, Anne Marie and I went back to Kingsport before the start of the game, while Andy and the rest went in to see the abysmal game.

The next morning she smiled for the first time at her silly mom and grandmomma - it's amazing how much baby talk comes out of your mouth when your daughter smiles at you for the first time. We were also able to visit quckly with Gram and Papa Jack and then the Adams in the afternoon.

We went to the doctor on Monday. She is doing great. She weighed in at 11 lbs 4 oz and measured 22.25". She's growing really well. Her hip ultrasound was last week and we got the results back... all was perfectly normal (at her first appointment there was a "click").

Halloween was fun - even though we didn't go trick-or-treating... she was the cutest pumpkin in the patch - as Grandma BJ had previously told her!

Enjoy the pictures and hope to see you all soon.