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Another Weekend Come and Gone

My first visit to Church.
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We had a great visit with our grandmothers - Gram Ralston and Grandmother Peet. Anne Marie was held and rocked so much - too bad tomorrow she'll be back to just me! We have pictures from this weekend here: PHOTOS. However we managed to go the entire weekend without getting a shot of Gram holding Anne Marie - even as she coaxed the beginnings of adorable little grins from her. Sorry about that, Gram!

Thanks to Gram and Peet, Andy and I went out for our first date since Anne Marie's birth. A very nice dinner at the Thai place down the street - we managed not to be worried at all even if we kept close to home and were home in about 2 hours... pretty good for first time parents if you ask me! We had a lovely time. Thanks Gram, Peet and Papa Jack!!

This morning we said our goodbyes to Gram and Peet and got ready for church. She did beautifully - falling asleep during the opening music and then sleeping soundly through the rest of the service and our lunch out with friends.

It was a fantastic weekend.


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