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Catch Up

OK, so obviously I've been slacking. The excuses are all the same as usual and who knows if there is even anyone out there who is still checking our blog. For those who might be, I wanted to make sure you knew I uploaded a bunch of pictures. Here are some links:

Ellie Smiles
Christmas Time Set

Sister Moment
Around the House in January Set

Puddles Set

Running in the Snow
Snow Set

I still have Ellie's 4 month pictures to post (and I'm only 5 days to her 5 month anniversary!) - so hopefully I'll do that soon. I also have a huge list of things to blog about that I want to get to. Someday. :)


i love those pictures of am at the sink! so cute!
do y'all have a special lense for your camera... some of the angles are really interesting.

Yipee, more pictures!!

Still checking? Of course we're still checking. Very cute!

I can only imagine how busy you both are with the girls, but please keep posting pictures. It has been such a joy to watch your babies arrive and grow!!! Anytime I'm having a rough day at work, I go peek to see if any new pictures have been posted and it immediately brightens my day! Thank you for sharing your memories! Hope you continue to be blessed.
Be well,
Heather Janssen

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