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Better Late Than Never

Eleanor - Three Months
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Here's Eleanor's three month photo shoot - it was actually taken on the tenth - things have just been pretty crazy. Not that they aren't today, but for some reason, Eleanor is sleeping particularly lightly for her nap - so computer work it is (rather than organizing, distributing, and stowing the piles of gifts, luggage, food, and other assorted things unloaded from our van at 10pm last night).

Let's see - some notes on Ellie. She's just a few days shy of being four months now. I can hardly believe it really. She's starting to develop her own little personality - which is very aptly described by my Dad's moniker for her: Honey Child. She's our Love Bug, Hunk of Love, Sugar Pie. Such a sweetie. She's even been sick with a cold for basically the last month, and as long as you feed her, don't give her gas (no beans or broccoli for me!), and don't let her get overtired, she coos, smiles, and sits happily until she falls off to sleep - mostly by herself. Since I think we're somewhat installed in the paci camp now (but I know things can still change) she does require some paci runs through the night but I think we'll settle back down now that she's back in her own room.

She's also quite the full figured gal. We made a unscheduled three-month doctors visit for her neck - more on that later - and she weighed in at 16lbs 8oz (if I remember correctly). That's quite a bit over the 95th percentile mark on the infant girl's chart. We love it though.

So her neck... We noticed that she was tilting her head to the right pretty much all the time and called the nurse's line to see what they thought. They asked us to come in and she was basically diagnosed with torticollis but we had her eyes checked to make sure there wasn't something wrong with them, which would be very rare. Our pediatrician is conservative and we like that. Nothing wrong with her eyes (as far as can be told in a three month old) so we'll go on Friday to a PT to learn some exercises to do with her. There's a chance that it has to do with having a cold (not much room in the neck for a baby's swollen lymph-node) but we prefer to be on the safe side.

Here's to a great three (and three quarters) months for my newest baby girl. Click on the picture to go to the flickr site with more three months pictures.

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