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Semi-non-random Smile
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Eleanor has started smiling at us occasionally. She does not seem to be as liberal with her smiles as Anne Marie was at this point, but since in all other respects she's an angel baby, I'm not complaining... too much. I'm not sure if this particular smile was actually at me, but since I've not yet captured the "real" ones, this semi-real one will do!

Eleanor continues to be a delight. She's actually an embarrassment of riches as I have friends who are still dealing with colicky/acid reflux babies that wake up several times a night - and they were born months before Eleanor. She pretty much sleeps through the night and has been for a couple weeks. Yeah, that's right. Starting when she was about 6 weeks she nurses between 8 and 9pm and then wakes between 5 and 6:30 am (on time change day she slept to 7:30 old time). Actually, unless she's going through a growth spurt, she sleeps ALOT. Gotta love that. Maybe that's how she's packing on the pounds. I bet she's pushing 14lbs. :) When she was first born, I didn't like people labeling her an "angel" baby since I knew that things could change. But 8 weeks into it, I think I'm willing to submit to the label... at least for now. I know of a second-child little girl being a "Love Bug" only to turn into "Sassy Face" as the years progressed. :)

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