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Oh yeah, that's our van.

New Van
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I've attained a new level of mommydom recently. For the last week, we've been the owners of a minivan. This is all coming at me so fast... two kids AND a minivan! I really like it even if I do have the occasional am-I-just-borrowing-my-mom's-car-surely-this-isn't-really-mine moments. What I love above anything else (even that new car smell) is the utility. You just can't beat a van for utility, period. I can carry all the strollers I want. Every day. And still have room for groceries, diaper bags, a few passengers, and, oh yeah, both kids.

Good bye white honda civic. You were a good car for us and we'll miss you (especially your gas mileage). Sniff sniff.

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