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Eleanor - Two Months

Eleanor - Two Months
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Ellie is two months old now! Time is flying in some ways but I do feel like I'm enjoying this little (big) bundle. We went to the doctor yesterday and she weighed 15lbs 2oz! She's pretty much off the charts and the doctor predicted she'd be around 23lbs by the time she's 6 months if she keeps this up! She'll have rolls on rolls by Easter-time.

We're doing well. I want to get this post up or I'd try to remember some more things to type. We're getting over a cold - poor Anne Marie is coughing quite a bit with a gunky nose. Thankfully it seems that I got it before Eleanor and was able to pass her some antibodies - she has not been too affected it seems.

Here is Eleanor's photo shoot. And here are just a few from the playroom.

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