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November 30, 2006


I love this Outside November picture set as a slideshow and I just wanted to remind everyone that if you click the "View as Slideshow" link in the top right corner, you can see any set this way.

November 29, 2006

Outside again...

Look up there!
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Here's another set of her playing outside... the other day in her overalls and today in her red shirt and blue jeans. We had a great time running around, picking up pumkins, leaves, and sticks, crunching leaves, listening for planes (it was too overcast today to see them), and waving at cars (I think she always thinks it's Daddy since we wave goodbye in the mornings to his car).

Mover, stacker, piler, carrier

Pile 'em up
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She's so into holding things, piling them up, stacking, then moving them away. She'll do this for several minutes with just two dishtowels. Moves one at a time to her lap, then moves them away... then sometimes she'll scoot around a bit, and then start over. Pretty cute. Here she's doing it with leaves. This is after she first tried to clear off the porch area one leaf at a time.


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She went to O-ma's and Grandmomma's houses and learned how to climb! She's now interested in climbing into her little rocking chair and anything else she can try out - like her booster seat here.


Close Cousins!
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Here's some thanksgiving pictures from the Adams' house. I didn't get any from our house on my camera... I'll have to add some from Mom's camera - like the one where Anne Marie is eating in the nude because she overheated in her sweater dress.

Go Vols T-shirt Dress

I didn't have two UT shirts and the little one was dirty so we borrowed an old one of Rachel's for the day... so she's modeling the Tennessee Football Dress fashionably worn over jeans.

Wheelbarrow Fun!

Wheelbarrow fun!
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This weekend we came across the wheelbarrow while walking around and Michael and Andy put the girls in and ran them around the yard... boy, was that fun - for the girls and the daddies (until they started feeling it in their backs) - we must have gone around the house and/or yard ten times! Sarah Jane is holding on to Anne Marie like such a good big cousin!


Lovin' it!
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Micheal and Ruth have been swinging Sarah Jane in blankets for a while now and we tired it with Anne Marie... after getting into the swing of it (pun-intended) she really enjoyed it... but it required her being still for too long and so she started trying to climb out.

I LOVE Dogs...

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and cats, and just about any other animal I would say. She's so happy when we're in Kingsport visiting Andy's parent's dog and cats and my parent's dogs... it's amazing how un-timid and gentle she is around them - never worried about them charging her, jumping on her, licking her face - just all smiles. And she never seems to get carried away and hit or pull their fur, ears or tails - at least not too much. I think she's a natural... the opposite of me! But I think I'm officially outnumbered. I bet we'll get a dog soon. Andy would love to. I am just unsure about having a puppy around whenever we add child number two (in the future - no, I'm not pregnant). Who knows though, this Christmas could be a furry one.

Our Landscaper...

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No, not really. She's checking out our new landscaping though. We figured that two years was long enough for our house to be so bare outside and got some plants put in... they are small right now but I'm really pleased with them. Some azaleas, camelias and firepower nandinas for both the left (seen in these photos) and right side of the house.

We have also worked on the master bedroom and finally chose a bedspread, curtains, and a wall color. See the photo group here to take a peak. The light in the picture washes it out a little so the walls are a little darker than that.

And lastly in the home report, we got our house painted. The trim is technically off-white but looks white, the shutters are a moss green and the door is a cranberry red. We're pretty happy with it. And it goes well as Christmas is approaching!


Pretty Eyes
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She LOVES to be outside so you'll see A BUNCH of outdoor pictures... this was from about a month ago and just so happens that she's wearing the same outfit as the outdoor pictures I took today... funny. Here's the October Outdoor pictures.

Fun at Bedtime

Yeah, I can.
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Changing table time has gotten progressively harder... this is Daddy's pretty successful attempt to make it more fun... her pants go on his head and sometimes even her socks on his ears! :) More of this sort of silliness in this photo group.

Elmo's Calling...

Hi, It's Elmo!
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Thanks, Aunt Gwen and Katie Jane, for the fun Elmo phone... it's so cute!

Running with the Balloons

Running with the Balloons
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The morning after her party these balloons were tied together - she got all wrapped up in them and then ran around the dining room, kitchen and family room. Pretty funny - she had a big ol' time!

One Year Old!

One Year Old!
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Ok - so I'm really far behind on blogging... but today is catch up day... so here it comes!

She's one (actually she's 14 months now) but for the purposes of blogging today... we're revisiting her final photo shoot. I'm sure you've already seen all the pictures... but I wanted to share a little about her now. She's getting so grown up and amazing us all the time with her new abilities. Just some of the things she likes to do (over the past couple months):
- Clapping, getting excited when we say "Yea!" or "Good Girl". Unfortunately, though, this is starting to wear off....
- Sticking tongue out
- Carrying around shoes by the shoelaces, the giraffe by the handle, and many more things... carrying things to one place, piling them, and then carrying them some place else can occupy her for a long time.
- Bringing you a book to read and then backing up while you read it until she bumps into something - it's like she wants the same feeling as when she's in your lap
- Puzzles, puzzles, puzzles... and using the pieces as a makeshift paci
- Touching fingers and pointing
- Throwing little fits when she doesn't get her way... she's a little Andy for sure!
- Eating well, mornings especially - her standard fare is 4oz yogurt with baby cereal, 1 whole banana, 1 egg - and she loves it!
- Giving hugs and kisses, wrestling, patting your back, starting to blow kisses and shake hands - she can be so affectionate - it melts my heart each time!
- Saying her first words... which sound alot alike - "Da" or "DaDee" for Daddy and "Da" slightly differently for Dog. She's also mimicking "ut-oh", "mama", "hello", "hi", "bye bye", "wow", "ow", "Anne Marie", and "NO!" She's gotten that last one pretty good!!

Here's her
one month photo shoot
and then some other
party, balloon fun, and playing pictures.
Some pictures from a trip in October to Nashville to see Laura.
You can also see just a few pictures from my cousin
Beth's wedding...
that was alot of fun and I ended up being too busy chasing her and visiting to get many pictures.

Hope all are well,

November 03, 2006


So - I've taken a new job since I last wrote for this blog... I'm now a full-time stay-at-home** mom. I have retired from my part-time position at Altea. So far, for the last two days, I've loved it. I have hardly really gotten a taste for it yet though - we've been so busy. I am looking forward to getting into a weekday routine with Anne Marie.

Our nanny, Laura, has left the state... no, we didn't run her off! She's moved to be closer to her family, investigate options for a stint abroad, and because her run in Atlanta had come to a nice ending point. We miss her and wish her the best.

I know that it's been about a month and a half since I've really posted... we have been crazy busy with Andy's job change, my job wrap-up, and travel. I'm going to try to catch up in the next few days.

Hope everyone is well.

*Retirement is, of course, a relative term!
**I anticipate very little staying at home with Anne Marie's on-the-go personality!