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September 26, 2006

Reading, Reading, Reading

Reading her Book
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Anne Marie has been really into her books recently. She's learned that not only are they a good occasional chew toy, but that they have great pictures and the pages are fun to turn. She can spend a surprisingly long amount of time now in her little book corner of her playroom - and when she's on the loose in her own room, her favorite activity is to pull all the books off the bookshelf and start looking through them all. The other morning she was actually reading out-loud to herself: "huh, hur, da ga, bur, da, huh yeah, da, ha, hur". It was almost too cute!

Laura took this and several other great pictures of her. Laura's Photos

I'm ONE!

I'm ONE!
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We had a birthday party for family in Kingsport last weekend. It was a great time, and if Anne Marie can survive that commotion and decibel level, she can survive anything! She had a great lunch (thanks, Mom!!) and then smooshed (more than ate) her cupcake and ice cream. We received some wonderful gifts - which she has thoroughly enjoyed so far - this is going to be the year of puzzles and denim - both of which I'm thrilled about. She's figuring out how the puzzles work as well as finding new uses for the over-sized pieces... as cymbals! And she looks absolutely adorable in her assorted outfits... I'll try to get pictures of her in them as we wear them. Thanks to everyone who came - it was great to visit with you.

Kingsport Birthday Weekend Photos


September 25, 2006


Proud Granddaddy!
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Anne Marie made it to her second tailgate, but she was really able to participate in this one! We didn't get many pictures, but we had a great time and she did very well. I was worried about naps, being outside with all the noise, but she did OK - breaking up her afternoon nap into two 45 minute naps in her stroller. Again, she was perfectly dressed by the Dudney grandparents in an adorable Go Vols tennis dress and Mom provided an orange bow! She was the only person there who Grandaddy allowed to block either the fan or the TV, other than Alpha - who, as Tailgate Queen, can do anything she wants to do! :) Grandmomma very graciously offered to take Anne Marie home before the game so that Andy and I could both attend - too bad we couldn't squeak out a win... but I can say, it was great to be inside Neyland again... it had been a long time for me!

Andy and I were thoroughly spoiled by Grandmomma and Granddaddy when we were in Kingsport what with two nights on our own- guess that's what grandparents are for, right! :) Especially now that she's almost weaned!

First DB Football Game!

Grandmomma's proud!
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Grandmomma and Granddaddy were thrilled to babysit last Friday night while Andy and I got to have a date night. Part of babysitting entailed taking Anne Marie to her first DB football game so that she could be shown off. As you can see, she was perfectly dressed in her adorable DB Indians tie-dye onesie that Grandaddy picked up especially for her. At the game, she did pretty well I think, although I understand that she was not very excited anytime the crowd started clapping... which, unfortunately, is fairly often!