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December 20, 2006

Where's Anne Marie?

Where's Anne Marie?
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Anne Marie is 15 months today! Time has flown and yet there have been innumerable wonderful moments these past 15 months... she truly is a joy and she's doing alot of fun things now.

She talks a blue streak - in her own language. Lot's of "da" with various inflections, including explanatory, exclamation, and questions. She says "ut-oh" and it never fails to make me smile. We were watching Aladdin the other day and when Aladdin got ambushed by the bad guys and hit over the head with a bat to knock him out, she said "ut-oh" - made me laugh pretty hard!

One of her other big things right now is sitting... now you might be saying, "didn't she master that months ago" - well yes, but now she'll back into something and bed her knees to sit. Never fails to make her proud of herself. Another big pastime (as you'll see in the pictures) is climbing into the rocker and then rocking. I'm just trying to teach her how to get down safely.

Another thing she did that made us laugh was figure out that she could reach her bookshelf through the bars on her crib. That evening, she'd been making noise for a while after her nap but she usually likes some paci time before she cries for me to get her. All of a sudden we heard a louder noise than a paci hitting the floor. Andy went back there and found that she had half her books in her crib and what we'd heard was one hitting the ground. I've now had to try to move her crib far enough from everything she could cause trouble with!

A few various pictures. Probably my last post before Christmas unless I'm industrious in Kingsport. Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!


December 01, 2006


Touch Next
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After we got home from the store, I let her out of the car to run around a little... she immediately found the puddle and started playing. First it was a few steps, then some stomping, then touching it with her fingers, then kneeling and pretty soon I was having to strip her down to her diaper and get her in to be washed up... but it sure was fun while it lasted. :)

There are a few more puddle pictures here.