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One Year Old!

One Year Old!
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Ok - so I'm really far behind on blogging... but today is catch up day... so here it comes!

She's one (actually she's 14 months now) but for the purposes of blogging today... we're revisiting her final photo shoot. I'm sure you've already seen all the pictures... but I wanted to share a little about her now. She's getting so grown up and amazing us all the time with her new abilities. Just some of the things she likes to do (over the past couple months):
- Clapping, getting excited when we say "Yea!" or "Good Girl". Unfortunately, though, this is starting to wear off....
- Sticking tongue out
- Carrying around shoes by the shoelaces, the giraffe by the handle, and many more things... carrying things to one place, piling them, and then carrying them some place else can occupy her for a long time.
- Bringing you a book to read and then backing up while you read it until she bumps into something - it's like she wants the same feeling as when she's in your lap
- Puzzles, puzzles, puzzles... and using the pieces as a makeshift paci
- Touching fingers and pointing
- Throwing little fits when she doesn't get her way... she's a little Andy for sure!
- Eating well, mornings especially - her standard fare is 4oz yogurt with baby cereal, 1 whole banana, 1 egg - and she loves it!
- Giving hugs and kisses, wrestling, patting your back, starting to blow kisses and shake hands - she can be so affectionate - it melts my heart each time!
- Saying her first words... which sound alot alike - "Da" or "DaDee" for Daddy and "Da" slightly differently for Dog. She's also mimicking "ut-oh", "mama", "hello", "hi", "bye bye", "wow", "ow", "Anne Marie", and "NO!" She's gotten that last one pretty good!!

Here's her
one month photo shoot
and then some other
party, balloon fun, and playing pictures.
Some pictures from a trip in October to Nashville to see Laura.
You can also see just a few pictures from my cousin
Beth's wedding...
that was alot of fun and I ended up being too busy chasing her and visiting to get many pictures.

Hope all are well,

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