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I'm ONE!

I'm ONE!
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We had a birthday party for family in Kingsport last weekend. It was a great time, and if Anne Marie can survive that commotion and decibel level, she can survive anything! She had a great lunch (thanks, Mom!!) and then smooshed (more than ate) her cupcake and ice cream. We received some wonderful gifts - which she has thoroughly enjoyed so far - this is going to be the year of puzzles and denim - both of which I'm thrilled about. She's figuring out how the puzzles work as well as finding new uses for the over-sized pieces... as cymbals! And she looks absolutely adorable in her assorted outfits... I'll try to get pictures of her in them as we wear them. Thanks to everyone who came - it was great to visit with you.

Kingsport Birthday Weekend Photos


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