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In order to avoid legal action...

My sister, Laura, threatened me with all her legal might if I didn't get a post up here soon! Well, here you go Laura - enjoy!! We're sorry we haven't seen more of you recently!

I know that I'm terribly late - considering this is the post for Anne Marie's Five Month Photo Shoot and she's only 10 days away from being 6 months! But we've had so much going on - she's been sick, to start off with, for about a month straight now. I think we've had two colds back to back - something I don't recommend! Poor thing has been dealing with so much (and as a result, so have I) - stuffy nose, teething and hunger - she's a trooper though. I've also been getting into the swing of things at work - so the work's been piling up. We're at a pretty good point right now though. I'm enjoying working part time and we love our nanny, Laura.

So much has happened over the last month. Anne Marie has changed quite a bit. She's sitting very well now - but still needs the boppy behind her. She can put her own paci in her mouth (usually with the aid of the paci leash). She rolls over at will (and back again). She wants to reach and touch everything she sees - especially mom's nose, mouth, hair and jewelry. She's got the most adorable laugh and is ticklish. She's reaching for things and I can see the beginning of her crawling stage. She's a master of the Johnny Jump Up - which provides her parents with endless joy. She's a hand-holder, which is adorable until it's 3 in the morning and she's woken and wants to hold your hand while she falls back asleep. We've started some solids (partly due to that middle of the night waking) - just rice cereal and a little bit of avocado every so often. She takes her bottle like a champ - which means a vacation is on the horizon for Mommy and Daddy!! She interacts - gives hugs and kisses, is learning how her hands can work together to do what she wants, and is often smiling and talking. She's grown like a weed! We went in to make sure the month worth of cold hadn't gone to the ears and she weighed 18 lbs 1 oz and was 27"! She's about to overtake Sarah Jane - there goes my supply of hand-me-down clothes - we'll be handing down soon!

Here are several sets of pictures that I finally got around to uploading today:

Five Month Photo Shoot

February Asheville Trip

New Food!

Yesterday Home with Mom

Forgive my rambling and enjoy the pictures.
With love,


I hope this post finds everyone very well. I'm finally winding-down a bit from a very busy period at work and home. This summer is shaping up nicely.

Love to all... come see us.


Here are a few pictures I love.

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