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What a big girl

This Book is Good!
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Things are going very well here. I'm back at work about half time and Anne Marie and our nanny, Laura, are getting to know one another. I'm very happy with the situation - enjoying work and not worrying about Anne Marie when I'm away. Best of both worlds.

We're recovering from colds right now (all four of us - Nanny Laura included)- but are feeling fairly good. Anne Marie's nap schedule has been affected but, thankfully, not her nightime schedule.

She's growing so much and has gotten a new car seat (she outgrew the length of the infant seat). She's rolling over all the time and sitting better. I'm excited about solid foods - put together her high chair the other day - but haven't started them yet. We tried to give her vitamin drops today - didn't go over so well. It's so amazing as she changes everyday - she's starting to interact so much more. She's found her voice - by yelling all the time it seems now - and loves her toes. It's been great to rediscover the world with her.

We wish the best and God's blessings for Jason and Kristen Riddle as they travel today to their new home in Rio. We'll miss you guys!

Here's some pics that you've probably already seen, but I forgot to link from this page: Playing Rolling and Sitting

Here are some more I added today: Super Bowl and big girl stuff

And here are some from Papa Earl's Surprise Party: Papa Earl's Party

Don't miss our jumping valentine from the post below. :)

Take care everyone,


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