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Adams Grandparents Visit

Family Portrait
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We had a great weekend. Andy's parents came for a visit - it was the first time they had Anne Marie all to themselves on her turf and we all had a great time. Saturday we just visited and had a great dinner out. Sunday was church, yummy brunch, naps, Grandma babysitting and more visiting over homemade pizza. Anne Marie wowed them with all her new talents - sitting, jumping, standing (with support), eating (she loves the cereal now), and just interacting in general. She has also learned how to get to things she wants. She has been rolling across a blanket to reach her toys and inching along (with the aid of Andy's hand behind her). She'll be inching on her own soon - look out world!

She's wanting me to come over and play now... hope you enjoy the pictures.

Weekend's Pictures



Such exciting times! Enjoy the immobility while it lasts! I enjoy running around with Brittney now, but trust me....they have more energy than we do! haha Thanks for sharing!


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