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April 19, 2008

Happy Easter!

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Well - I'm running a few weeks behind, but when is that not the case? We had a lovely Easter, even though we missed our family. We decided to stay here since we'd be heading to a family wedding the very next weekend. It turned out to be very relaxing and, after a beautiful service at church, we were at no loss for food since we met up with several friends (at Katie Jane's house as you can tell from the video) and stuffed ourselves silly.

I indulged my crafting obsessions and made the girl's dresses this year. I made up the patterns, but later found a pattern that is very close to what I did, so I could have saved myself the trouble, but, oh well, we'll chalk it up to a learning experience. As you will see, Anne Marie's dress ended up being more like a size 5T rather than 3 or 4T - but I guess she'll just be able to wear it next year too. Overall, I was very happy with how they turned out.

My Littlest Beautiful ModelEaster Day
Anne Marie's Dress Detail

The Easter playgroup party was chaos as usual, but even more so for me it seemed. Ellie wouldn't sleep and Anne Marie has a breakdown as soon as we entered the house. Her genius mother had let her carry the basket with the eggs loaded up for the hunt, into the house. I had also not had the forethought to put extra eggs in there for her to be able to keep after having to surrender the hiding eggs. That was her first meltdown, to be followed by several more that day. After lunch she couldn't hold it together at all, and when she gets like that she just needs some alone time. I put her in the car for a minute. I asked her if she wanted to go back in to play, and she said no, she just wanted to sit in her carseat. So I went in to gather our things and for some reason, I handed her the Easter basket right as I left her in the car thinking she could play with the eggs and stickers. I came back out to find her COVERED in chocolate. Needless to say, she was then having a much better day. I was so shocked when I got back to the car and saw it all over her, that I ran and cleaned her before I got a picture of it. Too bad. But here's a video of her "hunting for eggs" (sorry for the bad videography) followed by a video of what she really enjoyed at the Easter Egg Hunt.

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A belated, but heartfelt, Happy and Joyous Easter to you all!

April 18, 2008

Kingsport Trip

Here's some February catch-up. We spent some time in Kingsport while Andy had a business trip and then stayed on to celebrate Rachel's - dare I say it - 50th birthday.

Baby Talk from the Birthday Girl
Don't worry - there doesn't seem to be any hill (other than her last name - ha ha) in sight for her. She successfully completed a triathlon quite soon after her actual birthday.

Happy Birthday Rachel!

It's a Party!

And below, cheering at Sarah Jane's House - you'll see some pretty cute princess-dress wearing. This, and her new ballerina dance style (soon to be caught on video, I hope) are direct influences of much-loved cousin Sarah Jane.

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And here is a set of Ellie's around-the-house pictures.



April 10, 2008

Please Don't Cry...

Ellie 6 Months

I'm working on getting my pictures and blog updated. I know the extended family is getting restless.

Click here for Ellie's 6 month pictures (yes, I know she's 7 months today). Here's to getting 7 months pictures up before May 10th.

You'll be happy to know that I have taken many pictures, just not had time to post/blog. We've got alot going on - not the least of which is potty training. I'm currently really wondering if it's really worth it (bad day) - if I just don't do anything, won't she eventually use the potty? Feel free to post a comment with your two cents.