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March 04, 2008

Viva Mud Puddles!

Happy Muddy Girl
After school, I let Anne Marie run through the puddles in our driveway while I unloaded the groceries. She soon discovered the puddle beside our driveway was quite muddy and that, of course, only added to the fun. For those who might worry that Anne Marie isn't allowed to get dirty enough, here's evidence to the contrary!

She had been playing for a little while when I took this "before" picture:

Here's a couple "after":


And this is how it all went down:

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Pretty soon after this it was naptime, so, after I sprayed her off with the hose, it was off to a bath (even more fun!) and into bed. She was so tired, she didn't even want me to read a book to her. I went to hand her a paci for reading time and she put it right back in her crib and then asked to be put in as well. She went to sleep about 2:10 and is still down at 5:10! So much fun will wear a girl out!

**Note: Amazingly enough, no clothes seem to be too injured in the making of this video.