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Please Don't Cry...

Ellie 6 Months

I'm working on getting my pictures and blog updated. I know the extended family is getting restless.

Click here for Ellie's 6 month pictures (yes, I know she's 7 months today). Here's to getting 7 months pictures up before May 10th.

You'll be happy to know that I have taken many pictures, just not had time to post/blog. We've got alot going on - not the least of which is potty training. I'm currently really wondering if it's really worth it (bad day) - if I just don't do anything, won't she eventually use the potty? Feel free to post a comment with your two cents.


If it's super-stressful for everyone, I can't see any harm in waiting a while longer, but I am yet to cross that bridge, so hopefully someone with more experience to speak from will chime in! Perhaps you just have to persevere through a few rough days (or weeks?) to reach the worthwhile reward.

Thanks Brea. I've had a much better day today and since I posted yesterday, I've given it alot of thought and talked to some people. I think that we've reached a point where stopping for a while will be quite a step backward for us. So onward it is and I know we can do it! :)

Press on then, dear friend! And take lots of notes. (sorry ... no cents from me ... Andrew has a rash so I let him run around naked this morning and ended up scooping up a crying baby who had slipped in his own puddle.)

it'll be over soon...we all hope!
glad to see more pictures.

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