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Pregnancy Update - Yup, no baby yet...

Self Portrait 9/1/07
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This picture hardly does my belly justice, although many of my friends think I'm not as big as I was with Anne Marie. I think I have achieved my baby-birthing weight - I think this is where I was for Anne Marie and I've not gained almost anything for the last month or so. After telling my friend, Jane, that I felt as big as a house, she reminded me that I actually am a house right now, which I feel is a beautiful way of thinking of this end of pregnancy time. This house is full to the brim too - at any given time you can see/feel a heel, leg, knee sticking out. I think the baby feels that about 9pm is calisthenic time and he does a full jump, kick, and stretch routine.

I'm 39 weeks today (40 will be "full term" and my due date). I'm really ready to be done with being pregnant but still have all the emotions and anxieties that accompany the fact that in order not to be pregnant any longer, this baby will have to born through labor. I feel up to it and only pray right now that we'll have as great a birth as the first time - I REALLY don't want to have be induced - not only because that will mean I'm past my due date, but also because that means using interventions... I am really looking forward to a natural birth and if I'm induced at Northside, I think that will mean an automatic epidural for me... I'm not going to kid myself that I can handle pitocin contractions, even if this is my second labor.

We had an ultrasound last Wednesday and everything looked great. We got a favorable estimate on the baby's size - 7lbs 13oz - which on my due date would be about 8.5lbs (Anne Marie size). This can be plus or minus 1lb but I feel very confident that I can handle a big baby - this body was made for birthin'. We got to see the baby all scrunched up - believe me, there's not much room for him or her in there anymore - as my bladder and ribs can attest too daily! It's amazing to see even a fuzzy picture of your baby's face. I'm so curious about what this baby will look like, what will be his or her temperament (I'm really hoping for an angel!), and most of all - IS IT A BOY OR GIRL?!?! Were we insane not to find out? No, it will all be worth it when this baby makes his or her entrance and I hear "It's a..." And it's so much fun to be able to announce to friends and family the baby's sex and name. Sorry Mom and Gwen for the 9 months of suspense.

We'll announce via the blog anything big that is happening... right now we're just plodding (and waddling) along. Thanks for continued thoughts and prayers.

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