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No dresser drawer for this little one...

Baby's Room
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Yup, that's right. As of yesterday evening, Andy and I finally made room in the guest room for our long awaited new guest! We are setting up a temporary nursery in there and hope that the two kiddos will share a room when it makes sense. We will have a crib to set up in here soon (it'll be delivered by Mom Dudney when she next comes to ATL - probably when we're in labor) thanks to Miss Sarah Jane giving up her crib for a big girl bed. There are actually diapers, clothes and other assorted baby things in that dresser too!

And in the knocking-out-baby-tasks-with-a-whopping-two-weeks-to-go department - we have chosen names! Don't even ask - we won't tell - but it's nice to know we're ready when he or she makes his or her debut.

So bags packed, room ready, diapers set, and names picked - just finishing reading my birthing books and writing up some last minute Anne Marie care and other organization. We had a doctor visit that went well today. They ensured that the baby is head down and we got to take a quick peak at his or her little face with the ultrasound - we'll just have to see when this little bean decides to quit using my bladder as a trampoline and come and meet us!

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