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Third Trimester

Self Portrait Aug 4th
Originally uploaded by brookeandandy.
So, I've obviously taken my third trimester off from blogging. There are some new pictures on our Flickr site that some of you might have found. (my brother and sisters started threatening me if I didn't get some up!) I'm doing very well and today I'm 37 weeks. In the world of OBs, that means that I'm full term and this little baby can come any day now and it would not be considered early. Now... Andy and I might consider it early and we'd love for this little one to finish cooking right up to about 40 weeks even though we are so excited and can't wait to meet him or her. This past weekend I did a few things to help get ready but we still have a couple things left to do. The new infant car seat is in place and hospital bags are packed... which probably ensures at least another three weeks of pregnancy. If I hadn't gotten those things done this weekend, then I'd probably be in labor today!

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