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Our Wonder Girl

Wonder Girl
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Anne Marie is growing so much and adding new "tricks" to her repertoire all the time. She's taking much more - even though I still often need some sort of visual or physical cue or accompanying sign to understand what she's saying. One of her favorite activities is running around as naked as possible (we usually enforce diaper wearing) with her towel on her head after her bath.

She's asserting her independence more now too... for instance a chorus of "no no no no no" is often heard when somethings not going her way. Today she's refusing any hair restraining device so she's watching Elmo through her hair. Anytime I try to put a hairbow in, she's cries, yells "no", pulls it out and shakes her head so her hair is right back in her eyes. This is probably one of those battles that I just shouldn't be picking - so we'll have a shaggy look today.

She talks alot about the baby and will pat, poke or kiss my belly and say "baby". We read books about babies and new big siblings and we visit friends that have new babies... but I still don't think she really understands what's in store for her. We're praying for her good adjustment. I know there will be some jealousy and confusion but I am optimistic for a mostly positive reaction from her.

One of her other favorite activity recently is watching "moobies". She got spoiled on her three week mega-vacation to two beaches and Kingsport for a stay with her grandparents on her own. We try to limit TV watching and many days we can limit it to Sesame Street in the morning but I get worn down about 5 pm when I'm trying to make dinner, I'm super tired myself, and all I'm hearing is "moobie" (movie), "rererellas" (Cinderella), "doree" (Finding Nemo), "un moor" (one more with one little finger held up in front of her face - meaning one more movie), "peeeese" (please, with her interpretation of the sign - both hands running up and down her torso), "das" (dogs for Lady and the Tramp), and then much more in her own little gibberish language. She has the inflection for a very persuasive argument down pat, even though she's not actually using English words. I can distract her with playing in the play room for a while... but then it starts again. I guess this late stage pregnancy and probably new baby time frame is going to be a season of movies for Anne Marie. She still gets so much time in reading with Mom, Dad and just by herself, that I'm not too worried that she's not getting enough un-animated interaction and stimulation.

One thing I think Sesame Street has helped with, along with several of her books and other toys, is that she knows all her letters - she'll say them all very well except some of the hardest ones (F, H, L). She's starting to add some numbers in too - six being her favorite as of today. We're working on two (with two fingers) for her upcoming birthday. Only one month away!

Well - I guess I wouldn't have to type so much if I' would just blog more often. Sorry to be so delayed! Click on the picture to get to the flickr site and check out some of the other pics. There's a few new sets - Adams Beach week, playing, belly shots, etc. Enjoy.

And one other note, please pray for my cousin Jake. He's two and has been diagnosed with a Ewing's Sarcoma tumor in his back. He's undergoing chemo right now and will soon be relocated to M. D. Anderson in Houston for more treatment. He's a little fighter and doing great but it's obviously a shock and horrible ordeal for him, his parents, Jim and Susan, and the rest of his extended family and friends.

We'll post any info about the new baby as it comes. Looking forward to introducing the newest Baby Adams. Love to everyone!

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