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Mommy and baby

Here's Anne Marie in her adorable new outfit from O-ma. You can check out the other photo in the April Catch-up photo set to see the full outfit. We were heading to Brennan's 1st birthday party. Brennan and Anne Marie hang out once a week and Brea (Brennan's mom) and I take turns "hosting" them while the other mom gets four hours all to herself. It has been working out great and it's cute to see them interacting. Anne Marie is giving me hints of what it will be like when she has a little brother or sister. When I fed Brennan his bottle in her rocking chair, she climbed up in it after he was out and called for Mommy acting like she was a baby. She's always very loving toward Brennan though, wanting to pat him on the head and saying "bay-bee".


Hey Brooke!

I just had so much fun perusing your blog...I LOVE the picture of AM with her ponytails- I remember how much fun it was when we could first do that with Emmy...also I am amazed at the dress you made for her! It's beautiful! Was it difficult? It looked gathered to me, which qualifies as difficult in my book. Also, I was super excited to see your diaper post (I wonder who the diaper-obsessed friend might be??). What prefolds are you using? And I'd love to see a patten for the covers- knitting them yourself is a really neat idea. Sorry to ramble...

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