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April 23, 2007

Mommy and baby

Here's Anne Marie in her adorable new outfit from O-ma. You can check out the other photo in the April Catch-up photo set to see the full outfit. We were heading to Brennan's 1st birthday party. Brennan and Anne Marie hang out once a week and Brea (Brennan's mom) and I take turns "hosting" them while the other mom gets four hours all to herself. It has been working out great and it's cute to see them interacting. Anne Marie is giving me hints of what it will be like when she has a little brother or sister. When I fed Brennan his bottle in her rocking chair, she climbed up in it after he was out and called for Mommy acting like she was a baby. She's always very loving toward Brennan though, wanting to pat him on the head and saying "bay-bee".

Easter Dress

Easter Dress try-on
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Anne Marie is modeling my other recent crafty effort here. My first successful garment sewn from scratch. I was really excited about how easy it ended up being and look forward to making some more dresses soon. I think I'll stick with the "easy" patterns for now though!

Cloth Diapers

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We're trying out (and have almost made a full switch to) cloth diapers. I have a friend who can be described in no other way that obsessed with cloth diapering. She's converted me to prefolds and covers. We are using wool covers that allow her bum to breath and have helped with diaper rash. Also, I get to knit adorable diaper covers and use Anne Marie as my model. I've really been enjoying it as many of you might guess. Here's the first soaker I made from some leftover yarn and I was thrilled with how it turned out. I've tried some other patterns (most of my own design from pictures on the web) and am still experimenting. If all things continue to go well, we'll make the full plunge by buying a few more sets of prefolds for AM and then getting things we'll need for the new baby. Other pictures here.

Easter Egg Hunt

The group
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I finally got the playgroup Easter egg hunt pictures up. Anne Marie is modeling her adorable dress picked out by Grandmomma and Rachel. Too Cute! The picture here is one of about 12 that I took... this is the only one with all the kids and no views of what my mom would call the "southern end of a northbound" mother trying to corral and reinsert her child. As you can see too, Anne Marie was in no mood to sit quietly (when is she ever??) and kept getting up but at least she wasn't full-fledged screaming in this picture. Check out the rest of the pictures of the hunt here.

Johnson Playground

Johnson Playground
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Anne Marie and Grandmomma enjoy Johnson playground.

Big Tomato-y Smile!

Big Tomato-y Smile!
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This was taken back in January when she was staying with my mom. Just too cute.

Wagon Rides

Hi Mom
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As we've been enjoying better weather, we've gone on many wagon rides, usually to visit the the yard-art frog that lives at the end of the street. She's using so many words now but one of them is definitely something like"fogg-ee" for the frog.

Make sure to check out the others in this etc. set of pictures, especially her johndudneybellyshowitis shots.

Where have we been???

So, there's almost no excuse for being this tardy on our next post. I'm not even sure if anyone will read this one since you've been unrewarded for checking our site for so long. However, many of you are aware (and some of you are not) that we are pregnant again. The non-posting from January to the end of March was due to my fatigue and morning (all day) sickness... however, I've had no real excuse for the month of April other than I've just not gotten around to it. I'm hoping to do a little better from here on out.

We're 20 weeks pregnant today. That's halfway for those of you unaccustomed to timing pregnancies in weeks. We're doing great and we'll have an ultrasound on Wednesday to have the big lookaround. We won't be finding out the sex of the baby (much to the frustration of you impatient ones out there). We just enjoy the suspense and the big arrival moment of announcing "it's a...". I'm so thankful that the pregnancy has really gone along very well, especially since I've really gotten into my second trimester. The baby's due date is September 10th. I'll try to get some pics of my big belly up soon. True to form, I'm really showing!

I've recently had some trouble uploading some pictures but I'll be trying again today and hopefully get the rest of the ones I have up this week. I've uploaded a few sets since I last posted so here are the links:

KJ Playdate
Kingsport Trips
At home, out and about

So, I'll be posting along with some pictures and with Anne Marie and pregnancy updates.
Take care,