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Playing in the Sand

Playing in the Sand
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Hello all - we're back in Atlanta and glad to be home. Our many beach trips this summer have been wonderful - especially to get to spend so much wonderful time with family, but I'm ready to stay at home some! As many of you know, we've had to slow down for Andy anyway. His foot has been badly sprained. The doctor doesn't think it will need surgery right now, but he'll go again in a few weeks and we'll know for certain if it is healing correctly.

Anne Marie continues to grow up - can you believe it?!? She's even walking now! She still prefers to crawl for speed or distance... but toddles around her playroom and outside with a huge smile on her face. She's just growing and growing. I think she's even growing a little temper. She knows what she wants!

I was struck today by how much our neighborhood looked like it did when I was walking and walking before Anne Marie's birth. Hard to believe it's been almost a year.

I offer pictures... I hope you enjoy.
July 4th Ralston Beach Week - Sunset Beach
July Dudney Beach Week - Isle of Palms
Ten Month Photo Shoot


UPDATE: Anne Marie has cut her first tooth!! There is a sharp little corner peeking out of her gum. She's a big girl now!

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