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Big Eyes

Big Eyes
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Hello all -

I just uploaded some new pictures of the girl and wanted to share them with you all. Sorry that I have not posted sooner. She's growing and changing so much everyday. No teeth yet - but I've been surprised for 5 months now that they haven't broken through. She's been drooling and chewing for at least that long.

She's got the object permanence thing down (as of this week) and loves peekaboo now. As a positive aspect of this new talent, she doesn't require mommy or daddy at her side while she falls asleep or if she wakes in the night. In fact, I think she's starting to see her crib as another play pen... one of her favorite things to do right now is sit up and drop her pacis through the bars. On the monitor we just hear click, click, click as they hit the hardwood floors.

She's pretty much crawling for real now too. She wanted to get to a keyboard we had up in the den and it was a beeline straight for it. Up till this week she was very mobile but mostly still just rolling, wiggling, army crawling, etc - so somewhat limited. Not anymore. She still sometimes seems to scoot backwards when she wants to go forwards though. She's constantly in motion - so curious and is such a tactile baby - she wants to touch EVERYTHING. And, of course, as soon as she touches it - she wants it in her mouth. She's very fast now... can't leave her on the floor by herself for even a second.

We've got the beach coming up and she'll be able to play with her cousin Sarah Jane. I'm really looking forward to seeing them together again.

Hope all are well. Here's our May Flower.


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