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Happy Easter to All!

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Just a note to say that we're all doing well. Anne Marie has been struggling with the time change, among other things, and has not been sleeping all that well at night. However, she slept ALL NIGHT Monday night - causing Andy and I to sneak into her room when we woke up to make sure she was still breathing - we are first time parents after all! :) Last night she made sure we knew she was OK from 4 to 6am.

Anne Marie is changing almost daily. She's eating all sorts of things now and, as you might imagine from her pictures, she's a good eater! :) She loves jumping in her jumper and has started standing on the outside of her exersaucer to play - she can't pull up quite yet though, but I don't think it's too far off. She spends more time on her tummy - she now considers it a comfortable sleeping position. She's been trying to pull her knees underneath her and is threatening to crawl any day now!

Enjoy these few pictures. We'll be in Kingsport for Easter and then (the following weekend) she'll make her first Beach trip with friends Jeff and Melissa and their little boy (he's an older boy - we'll be watching him!! ;).

Take care and looking forward to seeing many of you. Those whom we will not see, we love and miss you. Happy Easter!!

A few Peach pictures



I love the picture of Andy & Anne Marie with the apple. She's definitely got your eyes!

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