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April 27, 2006


Seven Months!
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Well we're getting over yet another cold. This one was a doozy... Anne Marie and I both had it but are starting to feel better.

She's growing so much every day. She's started doing so many new things recently too... biggest change is that she's trying so hard to be mobile... and while she doesn't quite crawl yet, she wiggles, rolls, pivots and generally throws herself around so that she gets where she wants to be. Won't be long before she figures out crawling though... she does the rocking on all fours thing. And she has figured out how to toddle along when she's holding on to her hands... I had one of those "my baby's growing up" attacks the other night when I saw her coming toward me on two feet!

We went to the beach last weekend for a long weekend with friends Jeff, Melissa and Sam Tustin. We had a great time and it was very relaxing - except for the colds Anne Marie and I had. She's officially a water baby (in the pool at least). She loved it!! Big smiles and feet kicking! She wasn't sure about the ocean but it was pretty cool so she didn't get the best introduction. I think she'll like it better as the summer wears on.

Enjoy the Easter pics (which have been up for a while but I hadn't posted the link here before). Easter Pictures

And her seven month photo shoot: Seven Months!

And here are the three photos that turned out from our beach weekend - stupid complex camera! :) Auto focus got shifted to Manual. Oh well - next trip is in a few weeks and we'll get more for you then. Beach Pics

Take care everyone.

April 13, 2006

Happy Easter to All!

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Just a note to say that we're all doing well. Anne Marie has been struggling with the time change, among other things, and has not been sleeping all that well at night. However, she slept ALL NIGHT Monday night - causing Andy and I to sneak into her room when we woke up to make sure she was still breathing - we are first time parents after all! :) Last night she made sure we knew she was OK from 4 to 6am.

Anne Marie is changing almost daily. She's eating all sorts of things now and, as you might imagine from her pictures, she's a good eater! :) She loves jumping in her jumper and has started standing on the outside of her exersaucer to play - she can't pull up quite yet though, but I don't think it's too far off. She spends more time on her tummy - she now considers it a comfortable sleeping position. She's been trying to pull her knees underneath her and is threatening to crawl any day now!

Enjoy these few pictures. We'll be in Kingsport for Easter and then (the following weekend) she'll make her first Beach trip with friends Jeff and Melissa and their little boy (he's an older boy - we'll be watching him!! ;).

Take care and looking forward to seeing many of you. Those whom we will not see, we love and miss you. Happy Easter!!

A few Peach pictures


April 01, 2006

April Fools

Walking with Mom
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Hello all. We continue to do well here. We are getting over another cold - yes another one - but it's not slowing us down too much.

We've enjoyed several family visits recently - Laura, Gram and Peet, Mom and John, Gram and Peet. We had a great time and the pictures below offer a small glimpse.

Several days ago "The Peach" turned 6 months old!! I can hardly believe it - and then, when I think about it, I can believe it. :) She's doing great - she's changed so much - changing every day. She's sitting, eating, moving around, grabbing at everything. Nothing is too big, too far away, too dirty, too off-limits to be put in her mouth! Favorites of the moment are her paci (of course), the lion, her toes, the turtle - my necklaces and the remote are favorite things to grab - And I know it only gets worse as she really starts crawling. Won't be long now!

Looking forward to spring and bare feet.
Six Month Photo Shoot
Family Visits
April Fools

Take care all,