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Six Weeks!

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Here's the beautiful baby at six weeks! She's still doing great. Has wanted to be held more on some days and on others taking long naps her her crib, falling asleep on her own. You just never know with a six week old! She does seem to be finding her hands/thumbs. She's not a huge fan of the paci (nothing like big sisses there!) but will suck on her thumb knuckle to soothe herself. I guess it might only be a matter of time until she unfurls that thumb to greater success.

She's still a little stingy with her smiles so I look forward to some showers of grins in the near future... and maybe even a giggle or two.

Anne Marie and Ellie continue to be doing great with her and Ellie's sleep issues are slowly resolving. All in all we're doing pretty well, if a little tired still, at the Adams house. A few more pics over at flickr...

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