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Let's Pause this Angry-ness

"Let's pause this angry-ness" were the exact words my almost five year old daughter used as she was finishing up her lunch while her almost three year old sister was wailing in time-out. In my defense I was not angry, but stern. I couldn't help but smile while I explained once again that I wasn't angry but Ellie needed to learn how to obey and this discipline helps her remember.

Three seems to be a hard age for our girls. In so many ways it's wonderful and amazing... Ellie's imagination is huge right now and still growing. Things are so real to her that she just doesn't understand why she must put her shoes on when I ask instead of helping the dinosaur to cross the dangerous river or rocking her baby to sleep. She's super sweet and loves to hug and kiss and is very quick to say "I'm sorry". She's very good at sharing and I'm convinced (although we've yet to see the proof) that she is going to be a loving, helpful, gentle and kind big sister. I'm just going to have to stick it out through these days of obedience training and pull her out of her own little world, just a little bit, so that things like cleaning up the playroom, getting into the car, and mealtimes won't always be an exercise in failed patience on my part. So, I guess we're both in training.

Ellie drives to the office

Fancy Ellie

Train Ride

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