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July 28, 2010

While I'm at it...

Here is a video that I had uploaded the other day - might as welll share it! :) This is Ellie with baby, book and basket on her way to church. She's been really into singing "Today is the Day" off her VBS CD and I had to catch at last part of it on video. Enjoy.

From 10_07_July

July 27, 2010

Another Little Girl!

We feel so very blessed as we announce the impending arrival of Little Adams Girl #3! She's due mid-December which makes me right at the half-way point now (20 weeks for those counting). The big sisters are very excited. We have nicknamed her "Ruby" but time will tell if it will stick. We are all doing well and are enjoying having Andy home for dinners, evenings and weekends now that school is done for him. I'll try to update more but no promises since I tend to break them where blogging is concerned.

Baby "Ruby"