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April 09, 2010

The Little Artist

Anne Marie really enjoys art. She mostly works with markers (or crayons) and paper, but really she likes it all. I personally think she's really good at it too... but I'm her mom. However she's had a few people point out her eye for detail and ability at such a young age. Right now it isn't all about the pretty either, which I like. She seems to draw what interests her, which is how most four year-olds are, I would think - but has a real knack for being able to draw what she sees.

Like several months ago almost perfectly capturing the light switch on the wall. Or earlier today, drawing a cat with big legs and small legs - the small legs she told me were the cat's back legs - so they were farther away and smaller. She's also drawn a big tree taking up most of the picture with a little house next to it - without any prompting she told Andy that the house was far away and that's why it was small. I just think it's neat that she already gets that. But again, I'm her mom. And since this is my blog, pretty much entirely devoted to the goings-on of my children for the enjoyment of our extended, long-distance family, I'll brag.

Just now, I was told to close my eyes and she took me outside to show me her surprise. It was a "crazy-haired cat playing a banjo". How fun!
Crazy-Haired Cat playing the banjo

The artist at work:

The Artist at Work

April 04, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

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