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Grown Up

Mommy to Anne Marie: "What are you going to do when you are a grown up?"
Anne Marie: "Make coffee and cook."
Mommy: "Like Mommy?"
Anne Marie: "Yes."

Anne Marie's Favorite Dressup (as well as an after school activity this year): Ballet!

Ballet Girl

Anne Marie goofing off.

Silly Anne Marie

Mama Ellie - she LOVES to take care of babies, and when none are around will take care of her dolls. She's an excellent Mommy - always makes sure her baby friends are happy - will bring them a toy and show it to them gently, give them a paci if they fuss, take off all shoes and socks (because what baby wants their tootsies constrained?), and rock them. If they fuss too much, she immediately finds me or their mother and insists that we do something to make the baby happy again. Most babies seem to love her too! Here she is with a doll in mommy's sling (she now has one of her own, just her size) and wearing her sparkly shoes, because she's a stylish mommy.

Mama Ellie

This is where I found Ellie the other day when I had temporarily lost sight of her at a big playground:

Climbing Ellie

And one last note - I had a FANTASTIC time in NYC with Laura. I have several other pictures I'd like to share, but who knows when I'll have time. :)
New York City with Laura

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