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And I thought THIS day would never come...

Ellie was just dropped off at school with nary a tear - granted she was trying to get Mrs. Carolyn to give her a snack, but she watched me leave and I said goodbye and she did not fuss at all. For anyone familiar with Ellie's history of separation anxiety, this feels like quite the triumph. It was just last October that I was able to leave her in the church nursery for one full service - and I would not classify myself as a mother who worries if my child is crying when I drop them off. With Anne Marie I always knew she's stop, but with Ellie, there was no stopping. She'd work herself and the nursery workers into near hysteria. But thankfully we seem to be over the biggest separation anxiety hump (not that there won't be some more little bumps along the way).

I knew a post of this triumph would not be all that sweet for some readers if it was not accompanied by some pictures... so here's a couple from Baby Marie's First Birthday Party.

Delicately Eating the Icing:

Icing Girl

Saying "Cheese" but not looking at the camera:
Cupcake Time


Hooray for Miss Ellie!

Brooke, I know you must have been so delighted!

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