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February 08, 2009

Ellie Girl

Where's Ellie?
Where's Ellie?

There she is!
There She Is!

I took this video last night. Just a little snippet of what's it's like to hang out with Ellie. Alot of fun actually. Please excuse the camera work (it gets a little shaky there in the middle), bad lighting, and Ellie's funny outfit.

The soaker is familiar to this blog but now on it's second little girl. And on another note, today at church nursery, Ellie gave a tiny little distressed sound when I handed her over but otherwise didn't cry a lick when I dropped her off and Ms. Hakima was able to say that she was really great today - I wasn't ever sure I'd get that kind of report on Ellie - at least not until she was in middle school.

February 05, 2009

And I thought THIS day would never come...

Ellie was just dropped off at school with nary a tear - granted she was trying to get Mrs. Carolyn to give her a snack, but she watched me leave and I said goodbye and she did not fuss at all. For anyone familiar with Ellie's history of separation anxiety, this feels like quite the triumph. It was just last October that I was able to leave her in the church nursery for one full service - and I would not classify myself as a mother who worries if my child is crying when I drop them off. With Anne Marie I always knew she's stop, but with Ellie, there was no stopping. She'd work herself and the nursery workers into near hysteria. But thankfully we seem to be over the biggest separation anxiety hump (not that there won't be some more little bumps along the way).

I knew a post of this triumph would not be all that sweet for some readers if it was not accompanied by some pictures... so here's a couple from Baby Marie's First Birthday Party.

Delicately Eating the Icing:

Icing Girl

Saying "Cheese" but not looking at the camera:
Cupcake Time

February 04, 2009

I bet you thought this day would never come...

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. This is a NEW POST! You no longer have to come and see all about Anne Marie's birthday (almost 5 months ago). I'm not going to try to make excuses or promises of better blogging behavior... if anything the time since September has taught me it is that time is precious and sometimes things like blogging will just get dropped no matter what my intentions are. For those of you who might not know, last September (aka, my last post date) is when Andy started the MBA program (full time) at GaTech. Since he's also still working on his contracting business things have been a little busy around here. I've also had two harddrive corruptions which have thankfully not destroyed my pictures, but have left me often without computer and when I do get it back up, I'm working on re-installing and re-configuring. OK - so maybe I'm going to offer just a couple excuses...

I'm not going to try to catch up either although I have still be taking pictures and little Ellie is quite a bit more a toddler now. "Catching up" is too intimidating. I'll try to get some of the picture highlights as I reassemble them onto this harddrive.

Here's some pictures from today. Today was a fancy hairdo day since I had a little time before playgroup and straightening my house was too overwhelming a task. Enjoy and hopefully I'll see you back here again soon.

Big Smile

Anne Marie's Braids

Ellie had her first two tiny little pigtails that lasted a little while but of course were taken out right before we walked out the door.


My First Pigtails!