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Two More Ways of Ellie-Girl

Yesterday was a little hectic to say the least... just ask Aunt Laura... so I'll list two today.

Ellie 11 Months

Ellie 11 Months

One of the sweetest things she does (other than the big, huge smiles and wet, open-mouth kisses) is patting my back. When I hold the girls to comfort them, I've always held them up to my shoulder and patted their back. They've both reached the point, at about a year, when they notice this and seem to assume that this is what people do to show love. When I hold Ellie up in this position, she'll often snuggle her face into my neck and pat my shoulder. Alternatively, and just about as cute, is that she'll play with my hair. She's a hair girl and plays with her own often (thankfully she's never been bald) but seems to really like to get her hand up into mine, too.

Ellie Playing


Secondly - she's a curious and adventuresome girl! She's all about walking, climbing, running, and chasing big sister! She loves to find trouble and seems to do it easily. One of her pleasures seems to be walking down the hallway when she's not really supposed to be there - and usually getting chased by the end of it. She's different from Anne Marie in this sense, but it's hard for me to put my finger on it. Anne Marie was very active and walked even earlier, but where Anne Marie would sit and read for what seemed like hours, Ellie is not as into books. She's on the go, yet can still entertain herself somewhat - especially if she's doing something she shouldn't. She's not that enthralled by the TV - no matter how much I wish she'd watch on long car trips. Speaking of which - she's certainly a worse car rider - and I think it has to do with the fact that she wants to be on the move on her own terms - not strapped into ours.

In the spirit of two ways, here's two photo sets for you to look over if you choose. Eleanor's 11 month photo shoot (with obvious help from big sister) and one day from around the house. I almost lost my sanity during the 11 month photo shoot so I'm glad I got at least a few good ones.


Brooke - seeing that you haven't updated your blog since September encourages me. I'm not alone in my blog-neglect. You have better reasons for your "neglect" though -i.e. raising your two girls while your husband works full-time and goes to school full time.

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