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Eleanor is One!

The day is here. One year ago we were overwhelmed with joy as we were introduced (face to face that is) to our lovely little Ellie-Girl. Even though we've been doing this for a year, I still sometimes look at her and can't believe she's really our daughter. I'd like to sit down and give this topic more time than I have right now (I'm stealing this after dinner moment while the girls play quietly in the playroom), but I want to make sure that I get this up today. As I type, Ellie is toddling toward me with a play broom alternatively swaying in the air and dragging on the ground.

Eleanor One Year

Eleanor One Year

The last "way" that I'll discuss about Ellie is her burgeoning advanced communication - more advanced than crying, that is. She's starting to parrot sounds and today has been particularly intrigued by "ba" and "ma". She will say "duck" and I think she tried to say "balloon" today. When she wakes up from her nap, often she'll say "ma ma" which melts my heart and sends me running back to her room. She will wave "bye bye" on command and knows signs for "all done" and "more" and has her cute versions of them. I just realized what her "more" sign was today... she got huge applause and many "good job, Ellie"s which filled her with obvious pride. She might be my more eager-to-please child, but that remains to be seen.

I'm a Big Girl Now


Two Sets today: Eleanor's First Walk and Eleanor's One Year Photo Shoot

Happy Birthday Dear Ellie - Happy Birthday to You!! I love you sweet girl.


That upside down photo is so great! What a darling little girl you have there. I find it unbelievable that she's one already. Wow.

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