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Catching the little moments...

Often Anne Marie or Ellie will do something that makes me think, "I ought to blog about that", and I'll even go so far as start to compose in my head what I will say. But more often than not (quite a bit more often actually), I don't feel like I can simply blog my thought. I would have to "catch up" by uploading the hundreds of photos I've let 'lie around" for a few months and then provide entries for them, before I can get to my original blogging idea. Well, you can imagine (and see evidence of) how this ends up working for me. My M.O.: I blog a large amount of photos and entries, feel caught up, even blog some more over the next few days or even weeks and then I fall behind. Then you don't hear from me for months - case in point: E's almost 9 months and I've yet to put up her 7 month photos. Well, today, I'm just going to make this entry about one adorable thing Anne Marie just said and hope I can "catch up" over the weekend.

She just requested some chicken nuggets and that worked for me so I was preparing them. I had cut them and was going to transfer them from the hot microwave plate to her plastic plate. Before I did though, I put a dollop of ketchup on the side of her plate. When she saw it she said, "Oh, beautiful, Mommy!" My wonderfully sweet daughter thinks I'm a terrific ketchup artist! How much better does it get?

Since I knew that a post without pictures might be a severe disappointment to many, I uploaded these two from our zoo trip this morning. I took over 100 pics, so as soon as I can "catch up" - you'll see the rest. Enjoy.


Anne Marie loves to run, especially up and down "hills". She found this "hill" on the playground at the zoo.

Baby Doll Kisses

Ellie has taken a liking to this babydoll and will chew her hands, poke her eyes, and very lovingly bestow kisses to her forehead.


What a fun thing to say! I think that girl likes ketchup.

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