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My Little Social Girl

Ellie Sacked Out
Originally uploaded by brookeandandy.
"Napping by myself in my crib, never!"

I shouldn't' say that actually - by many mom's standards I have it very good because she will often take two naps a day in her crib, and usually the girl's afternoon naps overlap to some degree. It just so happens that she really would prefer to be around us instead of alone - sleeping or awake.

This picture was taken after she cried for about 45 minutes off and on (mostly on) and I gave in and got her. She was so tired but too upset to calm down in her crib. Once I picked her up - no problem! She was sitting on the couch next to me while I folded clothes - and then - her tiredness caught up to her!

She just likes to hang out with people. Sit near her and usually she'll play with her toys by herself - but don't walk away! When she wakes at night and we don't have the stamina to get her back to sleep in her own bed, we can bring her in ours and she'll sleep like an angel often long after the rest of us get up - no feeding necessary. I'm already seeing the differences in the girl's personalities.

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