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English - Anne Marie Style

Anne Marie continues to grow and learn at an astounding rate. Recently she's been doing alot language-wise, so I've compiled a top ten list of Anne Marie Speech and Toddler World Order (not really in any particular order since it's all ridiculously cute):

10. She's got a distinct southern take on the word "Bye" and "Ice" - so they come out with long "I" or "A" sounds. Andy and I don’t sound like that… right?

9. She's learning colors right now and yellow seems to be one of her favorites. But she must not like the name yellow and has dubbed it "sun" (since that's what we draw with the yellow and she just really likes it). We say, "what color?", she says, "sun", we say "yellow", she nods and says "sun".

8. Andy was leaving the house the other day but decided to update his iPod once he got in the car. So, sitting in the car with the door open, he pulled out the computer and plugged in the iPod all while Anne Marie and I were standing outside to wave to him. Anne Marie was fairly confused by this delay and kept looking at Andy and saying "door... go... bye (wave, blow kiss)" - obviously he was taking too long!

7. She really wanted to eat while I was fixing dinner the other day and climbed up into her high chair as if this could make me cook faster. She just sat there, fretfully saying "mmmm, mmmm, mmmm" (as if she were enjoying food) to drive home the point.

6. I’ve realized how often I say “whoops” as I hear it, adorably, slipping from Anne Marie’s mouth so often whenever she drops something. Along these same lines, she’ll often bring something to me (like a ringing phone) and say, “Here you go”.

5. Tomato sounds like “may-er” – a “mater” without the “t”. We laugh every time.

4. Anytime she sees me with a travel coffee mug or a bottle of beer, she says “Daddy’s”.

3. Since she now has a play kitchen complete with play food, we are often asking her to pretend to eat instead of sticking everything into her mouth. Pretending to eat is always accompanied by the sounds “num num num”. She knows she can’t touch Ellie with any toys, so she comes over while I’m nursing Eleanor in the playroom and will hold a food over her head, pretending for her saying “num num num”.

2. Anne Marie’s is an efficient dialect. Often signs or context is needed to decide if “guk” means “milk”, “drink”, “book”, or “walk”. “Ba-ie” could be “bed”, “belly”, or “bunny”, and also sounds suspiciously like “Ellie”.

1. She’s learned the art of persuasion and uses her cuteness liberally. One of the things that I love is the coy “no”. If you say, “Let’s go change your diaper” for instance, she cocks her head, cuts her eyes up at you, and then says “nooooooo?” very quietly.

Here are some random pictures we've taken recently. There are some new ones from even the other day... so check them out.

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