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Eleanor's Third Week

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Eleanor's third week of life was spent as an only child. Anne Marie went to visit grandparents for a week and E and I spent the week bonding, resting and relaxing. I think we all had a good week. AM was spoiled rotten (of course!) and I really did get some extra rest and time for myself. I was thinking how funny it was that when Mom drove out of the driveway and left me with a two week old Anne Marie, I thought, "Oh my goodness, how will I be able to do anything AND take care of this little girl". But this time around, when I dropped off Anne Marie and was left with just little Ellie, I thought, "Wow, I can do anything I want - I've got tons of free time." It's amazing how taking care of a toddler will put time into perspective!


That's an encouraging thought - that a newborn is easier to manage than a toddler...I knew there was some reason I was feeling overwhelmed. :)

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